Video Lessons by Japanese Instructors for Learning Useful Japanese

About course

This course aims to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT・N3 / N4), which is held in July and December every year.

The video materials(with PDF text and tests)are unlimited for one year, and it is also possible to take only the video materials.

Please note that ZOOM classes are currently suspended due to curriculum restructuring. Thank you for your understanding.

Course Features

Point 1 Extensive teaching materials

Japanese instructors with extensive teaching experience will explain the teaching material with a wide variety in an easy to understand and direct manner.

Materials included in the course

  1. Video teaching materials by Japanese instructors
  2. Textbook (PDF) to check the video lessons
  3. A test to check your understanding
  4. Issues to promote retention
  5. Completion test to measure your ability
Point 2 Online lessons by Japanese instructors with extensive experience in JLPT preparation

All instructors, online lessons are well versed in the JLPT. You will be able to learn efficiently lessons that focus on the key points.

Point 3 Steady learning steps

You will be able to acquire the skills necessary to pass the exam by following the steps.


  1. Input of language knowledge through video materials
  2. Comprehension test to confirm learning
  3. Promote retention by repeating 1. and 2.
  4. Proficiency tests

You can watch the video materials repeatedly and take comprehension tests until you understand them. You can also take a competency test to see if you have acquired the necessary skills to pass the exam.

All instructors are native Japanese, qualified.

Megumi Fujiwara (JLPT N3, Grammar)

About 20 years of teaching experience from general Japanese (introductory to advanced) to specialized Japanese, and also has a lot of experience in preparation courses for JLPT, EJU, and other exams. Also, taught courses at Waseda University’s Center for Japanese Language Education and Research, other universities, Japanese language schools, and companies.

Member of the Special Committee commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Project for the Development of Curricula for the Training and Development of Human Resources for Japanese Language Education.

Naoko Sumiyoshi (JLPT N3, Listening comprehension)

Teaching Japanese to students from various countries for about 15 years, and has a lot of experience in teaching JLPT preparation, EJU preparation, general Japanese, skill-based Japanese, business Japanese, and business manners.

Also, involved in creating on-demand teaching materials for employment, and is working to improve business Japanese education as a member of BPC Training Service (Business Process Communication Training Service).

Hitomi Shimoshige (JLPT N3, Kanji)

More than 10 years of experience in teaching JLPT preparation, EJU preparation, general Japanese, Japanese for higher education and employment, Japanese affairs, etc. Also, involved in writing Kanji teaching materials from JLPT N5 to N1.

Listen to learners’ needs, stay close to them, and support them in their self-realization.

Megumu Takaki (JLPT N3, Reading comprehension)

In charge of teaching general Japanese (introductory to advanced), skill-based Japanese (reading, listening, conversation, writing), Japanese for graduate school entrance, and coordinating E-learning courses. Also, teaching Japanese to students of various nationalities at universities, vocational schools, Japanese language schools, and international exchange centers in Japan and overseas.

From instructor:

“It is my pleasure to see all learners of Japanese feel happy to be able to realize what they want to know, communicate, and share. To achieve this, I would like to practice Japanese language education that support learners.”

Keiko Kosaka (JLPT N3, Vocabulary)

Experienced in teaching vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, kanji, and writing. Teach with easy-to-understand materials. Also, in charge of the JLPT N3 vocabulary course, the on-line conversation course, and the Japanese through manga course.

From instructor:

“I will do my best to support you so that you can increase your “I understand it!” And “I got it!”. So, let’s do our best together to pass the exam.”