Carefully Crafted Curriculum


Explanation provided using very easy-to-understand content. If there is something that you don't understand, you can ask questions until you do.

Comfortable Small Class Environment


Lessons are held in an at-home atmosphere with a small number of students.

Highly Experienced Instructors


All lessons are conduced by experienced Japanese instructors, so you can get used to the speed at which Japanese people speak.

Support for finding job


We will support you even after learning so that you can use the Japanese language you learned, including JLPT preparation and job search assistance.

Enjoy interacting with fellow students and instructors


Hirogari Campus, a space for exchange using slack, allows you to easily communicate with your friends and instructors.


About the Courses

・All courses are taught by Japanese instructors.
・Online classes allow students to study in their own countries at a reasonable cost.

Each course is offered on a per-month basis. However, students can choose to continue the courses for another one or three months. If you are clear about your goals, you can take the course at a lower cost.


Course Guide

【Japanese Language Course
 (in-person classes) (Out of service)

 Japanese Language Course
  ( in-person classes ) 

【Short Term Abroad Courses (Opening soon)
 Short Term Abroad Courses

【Online Japanese Course】
1. Online Japanese Conversation Course
2. Online Topical Japanese Conversation Course

【Online Hirogaru Japanese Course】
1. Online Business Japanese Course
2. Online Private Lessons
  ( preparation for university entrance
  exam interviews and job interviews)
3. Online Elementary School Japanese Course

【Tokyo Hirogari E-learning】
 Preparation for JLPT

【Working Holiday Course (Opening soon)】
1. Online Working Holiday Preparation Japanese Course
2. Working Holiday Useful Japanese Course (in-person classes)

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