About our School

NameTokyo Hirogari Japanese Language School
AddressCasa Ico 2nd Bldg. 2F, 4-7-12, Haramachida, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0013
RepresentativeRumi Saito
Kangaroos Co., Ltd.https://kangaroos-f.studio.site


Tokyo Hirogari Japanese Language School is operated by Kangaroos Co., Ltd. Kangaroos Co., Ltd. is located in Machida City, Tokyo, and belongs to the Seiwa Gyogaku Group, which has been involved in infant care and education for about 70 years, with its main center being Seiwa Gakuen Educational Corporation. It conducts various events and training courses in primarily in Machida City, and is also engaged in the cooking and education business in kindergartens, nursery schools, and other facilities.

1939 Tamagawa Women’s School established (Setagaya, Tokyo)
   Seiwa High School, Seiwa Junior High School, Seiwa Elementary School, and Seiwa Kindergarten established
1951 Reorganized as Tamagawa Seiwa Gyogaku Educational Corporation
1953 Sakura Kindergarten in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture established
1956 Merged all schools in Tokyo with Gotoh Educational Corporation and Okurayama Gakuen Educational Corporation. (Currently Tokyo City University: https://www.tcu.ac.jp/
1962 Relocated to Machida City, Tokyo
1964 Machida Natural Kindergarten established
1968 Seiwa Gakuen Educational Corporation and Seiwa Kindergarten established
1996 Kangaroos Co., Ltd. established


Tokyo Hirogari Japanese Language School is located in Machida, a city in Tokyo with a population of 430,000. Machida is a busy city with many young people, with 12 universities and 3 junior colleges in and around the city, as well as many vocational schools.

When opening this school, three keywords were chosen to define our lessons: “Deepening”, “Expansion”, and “Connection”. This is not just about teaching Japanese, but also about fostering people with expertise who can play an active role in the world and to provide an environment where they are happy to learn in Japan. Our school is a small school with a capacity of 80 people, and our aim is that it can provide guidance that values each and every student.

We will do our best to support everyone who comes to this school so that they can fulfill their dreams.

Tokyo Hirogari Japanese Language School


Akira Birukawa

We aim to create a welcoming learning environment where everyone is able to understand others and create bonds with them that transcend nationality, age, and occupation, through the use of the Japanese language. We will support you in your desire to learn Japanese and help every student improve their Japanese proficiency.

Tokyo Hirogari Japanese Language School

Chief Teacher

Hiromi Matsumoto

Our School Staff

Our school staff includes speakers of Chinese, Vietnamese, English, and various other languages.

We will support you every step of the way, from your enrollment in our school to your daily life as a student abroad.


5 min. by walk from Terminal Exit, Machida Station, JR Yokohama line
8 min. by walk from South Exit,  Machida Station, Odakyu Odawara line

Casa Ico 2nd Bldg. 2F 4-7-12, Haramachida, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0013